Circle Sri Yantra Decal | Vinyl Wall Sticker

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Circle Sri Yantra Decal

Our circle sri yantra decal is a unique and inexpensive way to add that special touch to your creative space. Our decals will make any boring wall space into an interesting, unique piece of art!

Under the right light, our metallic rainbow option will reflect rainbow prisms around the room!

Durable, yet safely removable, triangle decals are perfect for renters and those who like to change up their decor a bit more frequently. We have many designs and color options. Use your imagination on where to apply them and have fun with it!


  • 1 decal set featured in this listing
  • A small decal for practicing before applying your actual decal
  •  A step-by-step instruction for easy application.

Circle Sri Yantra Decal Details

  • Our vinyl is the highest quality vinyl on the market. Thinner than paper, this vinyl will look like it was painted on your wall.
  • All vinyl decals will adhere to any smooth or slightly textured surface (glass, windows, mirrors, wood, porcelain, metal, walls, cars, boats, etc…) Please note: Vinyl decals to not adhere to fabric, grout or canvas.
  • Washable and durable: Our vinyl will last indefinitely and will not fade, crack or peel when used for indoor purposes. Rated 5-7 years if used for outdoor purposes.
  •  All decals remove cleanly but are not reusable.
  • Decals that are larger than 22″ in both directions will arrive in 2+ panels that will aligned during installation.
  • Most sizes available – if you need a bigger or smaller size decal, contact us! Additional fees for larger size cuts may apply.
  • No tools necessary. Decals can be applied to the surface and smoothed out with a credit card!
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  • contact us with any questions you may have.