Make Everything POP with Eyval Decal.

Originally from San Francisco, Eyval Decal has relocated to Lake Tahoe and Virginia. It is run and operated by Matthew + Nilu.

We specialize in decals for the home, laptop, business and car, and we also make really cool flasks!!

If you have already received something from us, please share some pics of the creative places you have placed your decal! We truly love to see where our decals end up.


Eyval Decal Definition

  • Eyval [ay-val]: awesome, very good and pleasant.

  • Decal [dee-kal]: A special design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface.



Matt and Nilu’s designs are influenced by the creative vibe of the city, the beautiful nature in the mountains and the exotic places through their world travels: so they’re unique and fun. Made from the highest-quality vinyl on the market, Eyval’s decals will last indefinitely indoors, and outdoors up to 7 years. They’re washable and durable, and remove cleanly (great for those rented spaces we mentioned). And we don’t just make wall decals- check out our incredibly popular handcrafted flasks (Matt centers each decal on there himself), featuring dozens of designs and made to last, from the same material used on billboards and car wrappings. Eyval Decal also creates iPad and laptop decals to add some personality to your devices.
Think of it as adornment without the commitment…giving you the freedom to change your mind whenever you want.